Sunday, October 16, 2005


Five gallons of primer later the attic is almost completely primed--the closet and one of the bedrooms still need doing . The bathroom is almost completely tiled--all that's left is a section of baseboard tile. The wood floor is almost finished--it also needs baseboards. The new windows are almost done, they just need molding. Does anyone notice a trend here? The doors still need to be hung in the bathroom and Emily's nursery. It's all finish work. It's all details. I can see the light! And I'm almost sure that these are the colors going up on the walls: Alabaster, Glacier Lake, Starry Skies, English Hyacinth.


Patry Francis said...

I think you need to write a poem about your paint colors!

Suzanne said...

*lol* OK, but now the colors of the poem won't be quite as good: Atrium White, Mosiac Glass, Peaceful Jade, Whisper Violet and White Satin. As colors they're quite perfect though. :-)