Saturday, October 01, 2005


Not only did my emails get wiped out, but all sorts of other stuff too. I can't seem to upload my pics and I just don't have the time or patience these days to fix the problem. I did want to share with you the beautiful blouse that arrived from Romania yesterday. Emily is going to look so pretty in this very delicate white blouse with it's gorgeous embroidery of light & dark blue--C, it will set off her big blue eyes!--I'm having so much fun with this girl stuff, not that ya'll may have missed that or anything.

T, miracle of miracles did no serious damage to his knee. He had most of the staples removed yesterday (the rest will be in until Wed.), is off the crutches, out of the knee brace and making plans to get back to the business of football as soon as the doctor gives him the O.K. Of course, he has absolutely no idea how lucky he was--he didn't even rip any muscles or tendons--I still can't believe it myself.

Poetry news is pretty scarce these days, other than the Aldrich reading and another upcoming featured reading in New Haven, not much to report. I did notice that I've cut way down on individual poetry submissions and have focused mainly on full-length ms submissions. Not sure how that happened, but it's a first.

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poet-scholar-professor-type said...

that whole journal to book submission happened to me too. i realized this spring that i hadn't had anything in a journal that wasn't by invitation in a long time and finally sent a few things out. it's more of an effort now to remember to keep sending out the poems....i'm working on it myself. good luck.