Monday, June 19, 2006

Beyond Strawberries

I've been pulling a Radio Flyer wagon up and down the street. It's not your mother's Radio Flyer wagon. No, our red wagon has backrests, cup holders and seat belts. It's made of heavy-duty plastic and will never rust. I spent a good part of Father's Day morning spraying a three year-old with a hose and afterwards decided it would be a good time to buy that sprinkler. I wrote a love letter, and a fan letter. I've gossiped. I listened to a voice mail from a brilliant woman doing 70 mph through Oklahoma. I made paella. And I deadheaded roses. I pulled weeds, and I sat in the shade of our pine tree. I thought about last year this time and remembered that Wendy sat under that pine tree with me and thought about Wendy--thought about how I should try to entice her up here again. I've read with interest the things people want: bees, bed frames, shingles. I've watched the finches swoop through the front yard and rest on the picket fence. I rocked on the double rocker on the front porch. I waved to my neighbors. I watched the grass grow. I listened. I've been thinking a lot about wind, breeze, gusts and gales.


LoveandSalt said...

Now THAT is a summer day! Save this post for yourself and read it every year. Read it when Emily goes to college. You will find it sweeter and sweeter. Make every summer as lovely! You have such a gift for joy.
(Tell that brilliant woman I want to talk to her.)

Sheryl said...

Wow, beautiful!

michi said...

ahhhhhhhh!!! perfect.

except the paella.


and congrats re the anthology news!!


gina said...

Did I say 70? I lied. --Gorgeous post, S. So good to read your words. I miss them.

Oh and C, give me a call. I'll drop you and S an email with the AZ phone number.


Suzanne said...

C, I will save it. It's so easy to forget this kind of day. These simple contented days.

Joy. Hmmm. I've been known to be surly & moody & ornery. Cranky. Bitchy. (No. Yes.) Contrary!

Yes, you're right, this day, this particular day was full of joy. xo

Thanks, Sheryl!

Oh, Michi, you just haven't had *my* paella. Your tune would change.

G, did I write that on my blog?! Can't leave me alone for a minute. ;-)

michi said...

suzanne, not if there are any mussels in it, i won't. *G*
but you can cook up something else if i ever come to your neck of the woods! :))

summer vibes from vienna,