Tuesday, August 22, 2006


My printer is producing smeared results. Does this mean I need a new cartridge?


What to expect on the first day of football practice:

  1. That you'll have to call your son's doctor and beg to have him squeezed in for the required physical.
  2. That your son will wonder aloud if he's supposed to wear a jockstrap for practice while you are driving him to practice.
  3. That somehow you were supposed to know that he didn't already have a jockstrap.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Not annoying was the letter I received from Cleveland State regarding their first book prize. A very thoughtful and encouraging response to my ms. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.


Unknown said...

Good for you on the response to your ms!

I do not think i will feel any void if Caroline doesn't get into sports. She does like gymnastics and ballet. But I have no problem if she does not want to be a jock! But if she does, I suppose that is fine too. She is coming home tomorrow! I am excited.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Jenni.

The whole sports thing, well, let's just say he doesn't get it from me. *lol* But, it's been really great for him because he's a very high energy person.

(I must admit that I've already looked up dance schools for Emily. I love the ballet.)

Caroline is coming home! It's so wonderful that she gets to spend the summer with her grandparents. My husband did the same thing when he was growing up and has such fond summer memories. Have fun with her tomorrow and give her a smooch for me. xo

Emmy said...

If you have a laser printer, it might be the drum that needs to be cleaned or replaced. Drums are kind of expensive. Maybe take a printout to the store with you and see if anyone there knows for sure.

I hope all went well at practice for him afterall! :)

And it's always good to hear how some editors take the time to comment on excellent manuscripts. Great news.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Keep the ms moving.

As for football -- or dance -- you have to be prepared for everything.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Emmy, it is a laser printer and that's an excellent idea. And practice went fine, thank goodness! *lol* I swear some of the editors are angels, kwim?

Thanks, Sam. And you're right...be prepared is the 2006 parenting motto around here, although I have been toying with writing a horror piece titled: "The Last Diaper" ;-)

Radish King said...

And any of them could turn out to be surfers, then you have to worry about sharks.

My word verification is jesxb which coincidentally is also the name of my new savior.