Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The furnace kicked on this morning. Outside the light is flat, and here, inside, my nose is cold. It's the perfect day for beef stew. We have all we need with the exception of: tiny white onions, beef, celery, a medium white onion, and new potatoes. All remedied soon enough, by afternoon comfort will be wafting through the rooms.

A sensible person would start taking her vitamins now, before the inevitable, cyclical darkness sets in, a sensible person would. I'm sure of it...

Some lovely things to look forward to this month -- lovely enough to convince me that the leaves on the lawn aren't all foreboding, that they are not ominous, not at all. Kate and Adam reading at ALL on Friday. Another weekend in Vermont (sustenance!). A good chance I'll catch the Ordinary Reading Series next week. Perhaps I can ward that murk off after all.


And honestly, how can you ponder murkiness when you're married to a man who brings home a dictionary as a surprise -- simply because he knows how delighted you'll be -- a man who knows that you don't have that particular dictionary, no less. I mean, really!


Anne Haines said...

Oh my. A dictionary, if it's the right dictionary, is better than all the roses in the world. He gets big points for that. :)

michi said...

wow. re the dictionary. i'd say, keep him. :)

sunny warm september smiles from vienna,


Suzanne said...

Big, BIG points. Most definitely a keeper. ;-)

Ivy said...

Dictionaries are delish. Lucky girl! :-)

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Beef stew "wafting through rooms" is about perfect.

A dictionary as a surprise -- a wonderful thing.