Thursday, September 14, 2006


I tend to think of blogging as talking behind a half-closed door.


PS I recently started using a new shampoo -- oatmeal & honey -- and its scent is divine. Or delicious. I can't decide.


Radish King said...


I'm going to stop saying that my blog is my writing practice, nothing more and nothing less. I am tired of saying it so I won't say it ever again.


Suzanne said...

Yes, you consider it writing practice, but who knows what others consider it, not that you would care anyway. Another reason to adore you. xoxo

kohsl said...

I got a banana shampoo which smelled like the banana milk you can buy from the supermarket. I was also thinking if I should wash my hair or drink it. :D

Anyway, for me, I blog because I want to write down my thoughts about something, my experience, share some jokes, interesting news or info etc....

Radish King said...

An elderly friend of my mother's found my blog and thought it was my book! HAHAHAHAHAHA. That's what she gets for snooping around the INTERWEBS.

p.s. You're right. I don't care. But I care about you.

LoveandSalt said...

We don't care. But we care about you. I blog because I hope to become a household name. Like Spic-n-Span.

Patry Francis said...

What brand? (the shampoo, that is, not the spic n span.)

Suzanne said...

Loveyougirls! LOVEyou! xoxo

Patry--it's by Catwalk (TIGI) And it's called Oatmeal Honey Treatment, although I'm thinking of checking out Koshl's--that banana milk sounds delectable!

Sheryl said...

Maybe a half closed shower door.


Oh, no!

michi said...

"jumping juniper" from lush. love the name, love the shampoo, love the smell, love the fact that one bar lasts about 7 months.

i blog to share. thoughts, pics, poems, zine info, life. i guess.

oh and: adorable pic there, of your two kids. :)

Suzanne said...

You crack me up!