Sunday, October 15, 2006

Aries - week of October 12, 2006

According to the Midwest Book Review, David Foster Wallace's 1,088-page book Infinite Jest is "perhaps the most innovative novel in the English language since James Joyce's Ulysses." The Review of Contemporary Fiction calls Infinite Jest a vast comic epic, adding that it's "so brilliant you need sunglasses to read it." On the other hand, critic Dan Schneider ( believes *Infinite Jest* "might be the worst novel ever written." I expect that there will be a similar diversity of opinion about you and your efforts in the coming week, Aries. My advice? Ignore everyone's assessment but your own and that of the person who knows you best.


ontripoli said...

Waking up to a fast traveling Train's sound on tracks that look like they run for thousands of miles. Hope comes handy and natural with feelings of dispare.

Sheryl said...

I thought Infinite Jest was hilarious, but who has time to read the entire book? It's huge!

Oh, Suzanne, you are an Aries!

Too cool, I'm Aquarius. My best friend in the world is Aries.

Too cool! Why am I not surprised?

Suzanne said...

Sheryl! You made me giggle.

Somehow, I always have a wonderful Aquarius in my life. Always!