Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Link Lifted from Now Then

Loved this dispatch by Daniel Nester. For a long time Lyn Lifshin was in every contributor's copy I received. In fact the poll Nester mentions inspired my poem "Queen of the Small Press" for Lyn Lifshin, which first appeared in Mangrove.


A. D. said...

Poetry Machine? Ewwy. As illegitimate as I may feel, I'm sometimes glad I don't have any of my hands in/on any sort of machine. Of course, I don't have my hands in much of anything, consequently.

Let's do a project or something. Let's go back to sending poems back and forth. :-) Those kinds of machinations are less ugly, bleak, unattractive and depressing.

Also, when I'm despairing about poetry, I take a break and search for a novel to knock my socks off—and then I superficially toy with the idea of writing a novel.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks for the link to Nester's comments. Lifshin most certainly is an interesting figure.

Suzanne said...

It does sound gross doesn't it? And sending those poems to each other was fun, we should do it again. You go first! xo

My pleasure, Sam.