Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yesterday was litwindowpane's 2nd birthday. This post is number 558. As of right this second there have been 39,649 visitors.

Shortly after I started this blog I was happily surprised to be expecting my third child. The thing about pregnancy and me, well, how do I put this? Pregnancy makes me a nicer person. A happier person. Sadly, I can't stay pregnant, but it's nice to have a sort-of journal to look back to, a record of happiness. Proof!

After having Emily, I didn't want litwindowpane to become a place to bitch, or to vent, or to become a record of discontent. I also didn't want litwindowpane to become a 'mommy' blog. And I realized that I didn't really want it to become a place to talk about po-biz either, or a place that romanticizes the 'writing life' -- which btw is not romantic at all and seems more like a curse than a....See what I mean? Be glad I made these decisions, people! -- this left me with the option of shouting out other poets and posting poems that I had been reading. That seemed to go over well, actually.

I've met several bloggers in person -- Wendy, Cynthia, Gina, Kate -- and recently spoke to the fabulous Rebecca on the phone (delightful, completely wonderful!). I've had lovely conversations with Jenni too. The phone has become a much more effective way of communicating. Possibly because my fingers are too tired from typing 3AM - 6PM. (The only time I can get things on the page these days.) Yet, even the phone is tough these days -- at least without interruptions.

Since blogging I've come across a lot of kick-ass poets. A LOT. This is heartening as well as intimidating. At some point reading some of the blogs started causing me a lot of anxiety so I curtailed my blog surfing. Site meter was very good at pointing out who was spending hours and hours going through my archives -- every day. (Note: You are freaking me out.) I had hope that some of my favorite vanished bloggers would reappear: Alberto, Hannah, fact, I still have hopes they will reappear.

I'm not quite sure what do with this space anymore. Should I leave it up for promoting readings etc.? I don't read those type of blogs so why would I expect anyone to read mine? Maybe I'll just keep posting poems that I'm thinking about and shouting out poets that should be shouted out. An occasional photo...

Oh, and before I forget, thanks. Thanks for coming by and sittin' a spell.


Nick said...

Suzanne, whatever you do with this blog keep at it. Your positive attitude is contagious! :-)

Radish King said...

put up some of yr poems for crap sake. i love um.

Suzanne said...

Nick you made me smile. Thank you!

Now, that's an idea Rebecca, maybe I can do a series of the UNcollected. There's a ton of those. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the posts of the poems that you're reading Suzanne. The photographs. That's not all, but I do enjoy those, and hope you'll continue.

LKD said...

I don't have a site meter. I don't wanna know. Ignorance is bliss is my motto. (smile)

(Actually, it kinda freaks me out that you and other bloggers know when I'm visiting your blog and for how I'll just pretend that I don't know that you have a site meter and duck back under my ignorance is bliss umbrella.)

I say do whatever you wanna do with your blog, Suzanne. Or keep doing what you've been doing.

It's your blog. It can be whatever you want it to be.

I don't comment alot, but I like coming here and looking at the photos and poems you post. It really is like looking through someone's window.

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Sam & Laurel. :-)