Tuesday, October 02, 2007

American Wedding

She dreamed long of waters.
Inland today, she wakens
On scraped knees, lost
Among locust thorns.

She gropes for
The path backward to
The pillows of the sea.

Bruised trillium
Of wilderness, she
May rest on briar leaves,
As long as the wind cares to pause.

Now she is going to learn
How it is that animals
Can save time:
They sleep a whole season
Of lamentation and snow,
Without bothering to weep.

--James Wright


Unknown said...

Hi Suzanne - a familiar name, I think I originally heard about you through your ezine. Thank you for this poem - isn't James Wright wonderful? Good to have found you here.

Molly said...

Love those images, those words to roll around on your tongue. What an ending.

Suzanne said...

Welcome to litwindowpane Fiona, and Molly, yes, yes.