Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

I think I've recovered from our unexpected four-day weekend in Philly. Having to buy clothes, and toiletries, and basically leave the comforts of home with two small children was a great recipe for anxious-depression, not to mention (I'm certain of this) fodder for gossip for years. Let's just say I wasn't at my best. Fine, since I also witnessed much fodder for gossip for years. (Ha!) The benefit of course is that it was a crash course in appreciation for my family and home. And damn, am I glad to be home.
Thanksgiving was lovely despite it all. We have the garlands, bows, and lights up outside. Pretty, pretty.
Jack's been scheduled for an MRI. The pediatric opthamalogist isn't sure why his vision in his left eye is so poor and wants a better look at things. In the meantime they want us to work up to patching his right eye for six hours a day. The good news is that there's no nerve damage, the weird news is that they think it might be congenital. No history on either side of this, but I hope we get how-to-fix-it news after the MRI. If you have any positive vibes, or prayers you could spare, I would be very grateful.

Sometimes through all this bad news, I'll suddenly remember the great news that arrived just before it -- that my book has been picked up, and my chapbook has been picked up -- and I'll catch this slow smile spreading across my face at the oddest moments. It feels a bit strange if you really want to know.


Talia Reed said...

The unknown is always scary. And then our minds know how to wander into rdiculous places. My daughter's head circumfrence was off the charts so the doc wanted to do a cat scan just to make sure everything was ok. It took 2 days to hear that sh was fine. What an awful 2 days!

So, she's got a big brain is all!

Charmi said...

Prayers, certainly. Every day.

gina said...

I love you. --Just prayed for you and Jack while on my run. Call me at Glenda's if you want to talk, okay?

Suzanne said...

Thank you! xoxoxo