Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Call for submissions: New Plains Review

The New Plains Review seeks writing on the theme of Service for its spring issue. We interpret "service" broadly: military and community service, school service requirements, jury duty, all forms of volunteering, religious services, food service, customer service, serving a subpoena, etc. We're interested in poetry, fiction, essays and creative nonfiction that is thoughtful and compelling, and we'll reprint previously published work (provided the author controls the copyright).

New Plains will also run a "letters" column of short, informal pieces relating experiences of "service." The editors are looking for detail, honesty and brevity in these letters.

Deadline is February 17, 2009. Please put email, phone and postal contact on the first page of each piece you submit. 

Submit by email (as a Word attachment) to Executive Editor Douglas Goetsch at doug at janestreet dot org, or send hard copies to

New Plains Review
Submissions, Box 184
University of Central Oklahoma
Edmond, OK 73034

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