Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Emily started Pre-K in April and it seems that everyone from the postman to the bank teller wants to to know what I'm doing with all my free time. She goes two days a week for 2.5 hours a day.
Here's what I did today with all my free time: I went to the post office, I went to the bank, I went to the grocery store, and then I hit Target to buy sunblock for our upcoming getaway. I bought 70+ sunscreen for my husband and 12 SPF "Experience the Islands" tanning oil for myself, because that's how we roll. Then I came home with 45 minutes to fold laundry and eat a meal that I didn't have to share with anyone. It's all very glamorous and exciting.
My husband's grad school graduation was on Sunday! It was wonderful and we were/are all very proud of him. He now has an MA in Educational Technology which will go really well with his new position next year as the school's Academic Technologist.
The countdown continues: 3 more days!


Jeannine said...

Hey, my mom has her Edd (I think that's the term for a Phd in education) in Educational Technology! Small world!
Yes, it's exciting how you have so much free time now, LOL. Well, Kindergarten will be the real free-wheeling time - that's a half-day five times a week, right?

Suzanne said...

I wonder if they'll run into each other at a conference? LOL

We (thank you, Universe) have full-day kindergarten -- that's about 16 months away -- talk about some free time! In September I get another 2.5 hours when she goes three days a week. ;-)

Pam said...

Congrats to your husband! Now as for all that glamorous free time...:)

Unknown said...

Um, um, folding laundry and eating a meal by yourself actually does sound pretty glamorous, Suzanne!

Justin Evans said...

Congratulations to your husband! I received my M.Ed. in Literacy studies and the pay raise was really nice.

My wife is home wth our 3yo, and it's a trial because he has two modes: Into Everything or Crawl All Over Mom. Hang in there, Does your school district offer all-day kindergarten like ours? It's so very awesome!

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Pam!

And Hannah, how soon we forget -- I bet it does look glamorous to you. LOL Hope you're well! xo

Thanks, Justin! Thank the Universe we have full-day kindergarten, 16 more months. ;-)