Thursday, July 29, 2010


You know, the problem with writing as an Art is that everyone can write, meaning anyone can use a pen on paper to write sentences, or a keyboard, etc. But even if someone knows how to write music or put some paint on canvas, it doesn't invite the odd belief in huge groups of people that they can write the next major Symphony or exhibit their paintings in a top-notch gallery. But writing is different. Tons of folks out there believe because they can write a paragraph that they can be poets and fiction writers, and not just that they can do these things but that they can and should be successful (whatever that means). But writing as an Art is no different than other Arts. It takes not only talent and skill but a lot of work. And I resent the idea that anyone can just write some poems or stories and be the next T.S. Eliot or Flannery O'Connor.


Logan Kistler said...
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Logan Kistler said...

This is a beautiful piece. Though this sentiment, in some form or another, is found in other artistic avenues, perhaps, due in part to our post modern individualistic "this is my expression so condemn not" mentality. I agree with you entirely, this beautiful art is bombarded with so much white noise that it is difficult to hear the symphony of contemporary literature. For some though, the question is "am I white noise?". I myself am one of those, how do I know that my song isn't drowning out the beautiful timbre of another's? Thus, as artists, we must ask, does my tone resonate with the world, or am I a street performer with an out of tune instrument seeking self fulfillment?
A great thought provoking paragraph Suzanne. Thank you much.

-Logan K.

P.S. I appreciated the Flannery O'Connor reference. Wonderful.

Suzanne said...

Logan, I'm so pleased you enjoyed this excerpt, it really connected with me too. Click on the text to read the entire blog post by the author.