Tuesday, August 03, 2021

New Poetry Collection - FIXED STAR forthcoming from JackLeg Press!

I’m excited to share that my next poetry collection, FIXED STAR, is forthcoming from JackLeg Press! Much gratitude to JLP poetry editor Simone Muench, founding editor & director Jennifer Harris, and the entire editorial team for selecting my book. I’m so thrilled to join the JLP family of writers! 

Here are some of Simone’s comments on FIXED STAR— "The opening poem, "Cuban Polymita," from which the title Fixed Star arises, serves as the scaffolding device for Frischkorn's manuscript. Like the beautiful painted snails it references, the book, too, is a series of spirals: mainly, a pair of sonnet coronas whose recursive lines twine through the manuscript, both framing and bracing it. Navigating splits in language, geography, government, culture, and family—"My father's from Cuba. I'm American. /He wanted me to learn one language really well"—Frischkorn guides us through poems that are, contrapuntally, both luxuriant and lean.... FIXED STAR is a brilliant treatise on violence, division, loss, longing, and the search for song."

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