Thursday, February 24, 2005

Project Runway

This is the only reality show that I've ever watched, although, to be totally honest I kept missing episodes because I kept forgetting when it was actually on--luckily for me Bravo had a zillion marathons and I was able to catch up before the finale last night. I am so relieved Wendy P. did not win. I feel pretty bad for Kara Saun because I think they set her up to think she was going to win and I'm really happy for Jay because he quit his job to pursue his dream and achieved it. I'm also going to avoid like the plague season two. I think Austin was able to show his line too, but we didn't get to see it. That's my informative blogging today. Hope ya'll learned something!


Actually, there are things to learn around the neighborhood--

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Charles said...

They say you can view Austin's line on the PR website at

Peter said...

I totally missed the finale! And now you have spoiled it fro me (LOL). Oh well, I will look for the rerun because I want to see, the look on Wendy's face, and what that queen Jay is wearing. But I thought Kara Saun's dresses wre the best. (Not that I'm any expert about dresses.)

Suzanne said...

Charlie, I went to check out Austin's line and I think I liked his the best out of all of them. Ha!

I'm so sorry I ruined it for you. You know, I liked Kara Saun's designs the best, too, but'll see when you catch the finale. Definitely worth watching--even though I spoiled the secret!

Charles said...

Kara Saun's work was good, but honestly, it seemed too derivative. Jay's was very fashion-forward and original.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Charles. I've been partial to Kara Saun's work the whole time, but in the finale, I think she played it too safe. I was truly impressed with Jay's work, and was so pleasantly surprised when he actually won.

Suzanne said...

Jay was definitely a designer--he had vision--an true artist, but I don't think I would wear his clothes. Kara Saun's challange clothes were things I could see myself wearing as a woman, but I was surprised by her line on the finale, not at all what I expected. And Jay's line for the finale was the best work I thought I had seen from him on the whole show.

Damn. Now I want to go shopping.

sexy said...