Friday, February 25, 2005

So, What Goes

through my mind when we're looking at houses-- How am I going to transplant my garden and where am I going to put all our books? Not normal things like how old is the roof? Is the wiring updated? Are the pipes lead? Nope. I start daydreaming about how nice the iris would look along the back fence and if we could fit floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the living room. God help us.


early hours of sky said...

are we related? That is exactly what I do, sadly I also do it with cars, I pay way to much attention to the color and chrome.

Anne Haines said...

You mean other people don't buy houses because they can picture their books in them? Huh. When I bought my house, I think the thing that sold me on it the most was the study -- which is a tiny little barely-insulated room, with a slightly slanted floor, made from a converted back porch -- but which has high windows along two walls, underneath which one can fit quite a lot of brick-and-board bookshelves. And bonus, the bookshelves provide the perfect spot for cats to lounge while staring out the windows. As soon as I pictured the shelves and the cats, I knew I had to buy this house.

Good luck with your hunting!

TwistedNoggin said...

I'd like to substitute bookshelves for wallpaper. :)

I prefer butterfly delphinium to Iris though. :)

gina said...

Ah! God or whatever help you of course. But why else love a space but for what you first see as your garden? Think Genesis. You can fix the rest over time. A house is time.



Suzanne said...

So I'm not being totally irrational? Yipppppppeeeeee!