Monday, April 04, 2005

'Monday, Monday, so good to me...

While I was compulsively revising, carefully excising and re-re-printing the April 3 poem it appears the love was all around me:

Much thanks for the generous love sent my way by Jeff Bahr.

Today's mail brought the good news that Church Yard accepted 4 poems; one will be featured on their blog (check out: Tony's poem) and the others will appear in the debut issue. Much thanks goes to Ryan for steering me in their direction.

And at long last, One Art, Elizabeth Bishop Letters has arrived.

I suppose it could be construed as cheating on the Poem a Day challenge, revising yesterday's poem rather than writing a new one...hmmm...well, the day's not over yet, is it?


LKD said...

Muchos gracias, muchacha, for posting the links. I googled "church yard" earlier and the result yards. (grin)

Oh, and revision doesn't count, not even in horseshoes. (grin)

Completely off topic: Have you seen Closer? Egads. I've never said egads in my life. But egads or holy shit is about all I can think to say. That and: Clive should've won the Oscar. My god, that man could eat you alive with his eyes. Yikes.


Alison Pelegrin said...

Congratulations--four poems! Wow--that's never happened to me. I'm gping to go check out your poem on their blog. Alison

Wendy Wisner said...

You go girl. And I think a revision should count, but that's just me.

Jeannine said...

Cool news about Church Yard! and all the praise Jeff heaps on Red Paper Flower is well deserved! And I think, if it's an extensive revision (ie changing more than 5 lines) it should count. I just revised an old poem and turned it from a ten-lined to a two-pager. Missed you at AWP, but it sounds like so many people had bad trips back, so maybe you were safer to stay home writing...

Ivy said...

Yay, suzanne! Very cool. :-)

Emily Lloyd said...

Congratulations, and I think you'll really love Bishop's letters...I confess I like them even more than her poems. Just a gorgeous book.


Suzanne said...

Thanks so much, everyone!

I haven't seen Closer, but I will now. ;-)

You're a doll and I wish I had been able to get to AWP just to meet you in person, maybe next year? Oh, yes I was home writing, but don't forget eating. Yep. Lot's of eating going on around here.

I'm forcing myself to finish the book I'm reading before diving into Letters. I just have a feeling I will be totally immersed once I open it up.