Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hey, You!

Whatcha readin' ?


A. D. said...
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Charles said...

Trying to decide which of the following I'm going to commit to and read all the way through:

Sky Lounge, Mark Bibbins
Sad Little Breathing Machine, Matthea Harvey
Possession, A.S. Byatt

A. D. said...
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A. D. said...

Crush, Richard Siken
The Extravagant, Robert Baker
Carving Hawk, Maurice Kenny

early hours of sky said...

Super Fudge by Judy Bloom to Olivia
Annie Dillard
The October Place by Jane Hirshfield

Radish King said...

Babel by Barbara Hamby
Houses Without Doors by Peter Straub

LKD said...

Sky Lounge--thanks to you, Suzanne. I keep going back to the same poems and rereading them (You mentioned Bibbins a while back on your blog and I can't thank you enough)--and A Crash of Rhinos by Paisley Rekdal.

Oh, and Paul's Resurrection which I keep picking up to read a single poem at random, then completely sated, I put it back down again. His book and GC Waldrep's Goldbeater's Skin are the best money I've spent on poetry in a long time.

And you? What are you reading, Suzanne?

Peter said...

Hard Night, Christian Wiman
Taken With, John W Marshall
Your Time Has Come, Joshua Beckman

gina said...

Yes, that's what I want to hear--thanks, Laurel--what are YOU reading, Suzanne?

Jennifer said...

"Saying The World", Peter Pereira
"Head of a Traveler", Nicholas Blake (this is literary comfort food; classic British mystery)

Suzanne said...


I'm reading:
A Keepsake Storm by Gina Franco.
(well, re-reading is more accurate.) I now open it randomly and read the first poem my eye sets upon. :-)

And yesterday I was also flipping through--I have no idea why this book was singing to me from the shelf--Jane Kenyon's Constance, between picking out bathtubs, vanities, and wondering if the toilet paper holder should (is supposed to?) match the sink and tub fixtures--a good sign that the renovation attic madness has begun, but the strangest thing happened--later in the day I bought a New Yorker (impulse buy) and inside was a poem by Donald Hall about visiting Jane's grave. It was actually a little creepy.

Your lists have reminded of some other collections I've been meaning to read, or have been meaning to return to. Thanks!

early hours of sky said...

Oh Suzanne I have been in a Jane Kenyon mood also and read the same poem in the New Yorker and flipped myself out thus I moved on to Hirschfield

Alison Pelegrin said...

The World of Ten Thousand Things--Charles Wright
Luck is Luck--Lucia Perillo
Georgia Review Spring 2005
Beowulf--Heaney Translation
Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
Stuart Little--E. B. White


Unknown said...

What a nice question, Suzanne.
Rereading Mary Oliver's West Wind.
Haven't finished Lorca's Collected Poems or his In Search of Duende. In the middle of The Game of Life, F.S. Shinn. And just about to start Animals in Translation, Grandin & JOhnson.
I could read Hirshfield anyday, anytime.

louise said...

Pastorelles, John Taggart (wonderful)

The Descent, Sophie Cabot Black

Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, Claudia Rankine

Ivy said...

I seem to be stuck on The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov.

steve mueske said...

Well I'm in the thick of an Innovation Studies seminar, so my books are a bit all over the place.

Smart Mobs
Digital Game-based Learning

David Wagoner, Traveling Light
Russell Edson, The Tunnel

Best American Short Stories 2004 and The Art of the Story

JC said...

Poet in New York - Federico Garcia Lorca

In The Dawn Before Dark - Thomas Merton

Selected Poems - Marina Tsvetaeva

Shambhala Woman's Spirtual Poetry Anthology

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Methinks it's a conspiracy of poets:

The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Matsuo Basho (in prep for a poem for the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the a-bomb on Hiroshima)

The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart, Gabrielle Calvocoressi

The Dog Kubla Dreams My Life, Anne Kennedy

Nine Horses (again), Billy Collins

The Velocity of Dust, Gary J. Whitehead (just finished this 2004 Salmon Publishing beauty)

The New Breadloaf Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry (been working my way through this one for about three months now, a couple pages a night)

Refuge at DeSoto Bend, Eamonn Wall

Shadows & Supposes, Gloria Vando (signed copy I purchased after hearing Gloria read at the Tucson Poetry Festival in April---she's one of the best readers of poetry I've seen)

New and Selected Poems, Mary Oliver

New & Selected Poems, A.R. Ammons

The last two are staples in my poetry diet, books and poets I return to again and again for inspiration.