Tuesday, May 31, 2005

In Today's Mail

Riverfall, by Simmons Buntin. I won this book fair and square because I am a genius. Actually, I won this book because I guessed that Simmons' favorite poet is Ammons after his very generous hints. It's a lovely collection published by Salmon Press--the cover a wash of lavender and sky blue and the paper and font are gorgeous. I'm a font whore or something--I have a serious font fetish and of course, a paper fetish; put them together in the right way and it's rhapsody. I'm looking forward to a long dip in Riverfall.

Indigo Bunting

This is music, he said,
and his voice climbed
the thin ladder of air

like a cat chases moths,
tumbled like
the river desperate

in flood--his chest filling
with the thick
liquid of song. This

is music: not so much
the silver-chorded calls
or the silent intervals

of indigo flash
between yellowgreen limbs,
but the complete cessation:

the wind, the river, the earth's
core groaning
among its fiery teeth

to hear this simple song.


Also in today's mail a solicitation for an anthology. And get this--wonder of wonders--I even have a poem to send in!


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Glad Riverfall made it there safely! The cover was designed by a local friend of mine, Markus Beaumonte (www.firefly-creative.com), and I'm really delighted with how it turned out. Let me know what you think of the poems. And now a shameless plug: others can learn more at www.riverfall.com.



gina said...


you are a genius--I agree--and do you realize you used the word "whore" in this post? Whore. Also to describe yourself?


Post us a poem from Riverfall, would ya?


Suzanne said...


G, I also toss the word hooker [pronounced hook-aahh]around pretty freely. ;-)

Suzanne said...

Simmons, I am enjoying it very much! Thank you. :-)

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Glad to be of service! Thanks for posting "Indigo Bunting," too (though I see the second-to-the-last two stanzas need an additional line between them...).

Suzanne said...

What on earth are you talking about? ;-)

gina said...

Simmons! Thank you for the poem (of course I mean you too, Suzanne). The flood image speaks to me, both darkly and in celebration.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Ah, um, well, gee, golly, it must have been a glitch in the Matrix? I thought the last two full stanzas were together when I saw it. Double vision, perhaps?

Suzanne said...

*lol* Simmons, you are a sweetheart. I have to send you a copy of Spring Tide when it's released. Some of your themes in Riverfall echo the theme in Spring Tide. A distant echo, yet an echo nonetheless. :-)