Friday, July 15, 2005

Back to Business

The ocean is two weeks away from me. The ocean will be mine (all mine) for one week and two days.

Three new poems have appeared, there may be more, but I'm too exhausted to keep searching. I need a little rest.

Nine of the poems I've written this year seem to be shaping themselves into a new collection.

Several poems were pushed out of the nest wearing their best shoes and told to knock 'em dead. I feel like a stage mother.

I may be having some fabulous company this autumn. I'm thrilled with the prospect, delighted with the idea and giddy with anticipation.


early hours of sky said...

Have you read A Room Lit By Roses? I think the ocean will be beautiful, peaceful and a perfect time right before the wave hits;)

Radish King said...

There is no more perfect place. And this Three new poems have appeared makes me want to jump up, take off my jammies, and run around the house cleaning and humming. It's an odd reaction, I know, especially taking off my jammies before noon on a Saturday, but I love your work, always, and I don't love very much poetry these days. Hardly any.

Rebecca, oceanbaby

Suzanne said...

T, I haven't, but I will check it out--peaceful, aahh, that's something to look forward, too.

Darling Rebecca,
I had the most miserable day today and just like that you made it all better. xoxoxoxoxoxo

early hours of sky said...

No,no I will send it to you that is why I was asking. It will be your before Violet gift.

I really want to have another child right now just so I can name it Ocean, said in a french voice of course.

Suzanne said...

A present for me? [bats eyelashes] T, you're the cat's pajamas...thank you, sweetpea. xo

(Now today is all better no matter what happens. ;-))

marybid said...

Oh...the ocean! How wonderful! And kudos on the new poems. You are so productive these days, Suzanne. I am full of admiration (and a wee bit jealous re: the ocean, but at least I have the Cuyahoga River, right?).

Suzanne said...

Rivers are gorgeous, Mary. I love any body of water to tell you the truth. I think I'm in a panic mode production wise--doing as much as possible before time gets away from me. *lol*