Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Short & Long of Katrina

Bill Lavender's article on escaping from New Orleans is what did it. Pushed me over. Yesterday's email on the toxic pollution from EPA almost did it, but it was Lavender over at Ron's that most certainly made it unbearable. Fellow blogger Alison's plight doesn't help. I feel fortunate that my aunts and cousins are fine, that they didn't live on the coast, but are they really fine? Will the river and ocean and the surrounding areas ever be fine again? Hell, will the survivors ever be fine again?

Blogging about attic renovations, readings, babies, poems, all of it seems down right ridiculous. The more I hear, the more I learn about the short and long of Katrina, well, the more futile everything else seems.


Radish King said...

No, no, darling Suzanne, we must keep writing about babies and attics and poems and gardens and the way the air feels right before a storm because the job of the living is to keep living, is to continue. We all ache, we all ache so deeply but it is our job to continue, to breathe life into what is around us, to see beauty everywhere, to love.

C. Dale said...

Rebecca is 100% right. It isn't easy to live. But that is our job.

Suzanne said...

Darling Rebecca, you're right, thank you for reminding me. xo

And you too, C. Dale! xo

loveandsalt said...

What could be better for the world and the world's soul than taking care of a baby, and children, and keeping things alive? That's where hope lies. Love, Cynthia

gina said...

I hear you. I'm not doing much at RS besides staying tuned. I'm listening for news, keeping my heart out there. Feeling useless.

But I do come here for your attic and your garden and your babies and your poems, and your readings of poems, and everything else that occurs to you. I like sitting in your living room. I'm a needy leech, and I can tell you: there's nothing futile about litwindowpane.

Oh! And I got Emily's photo in the mail yesterday. She will take her place among my favorite babies on my office filing cabinet. Next to Trystan and Sage.

Look for a package from me in the mail in a few days. Something frivolous.


Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Tell us about your babies! Your babes, that is, how you got your babies, for some. Share the love. Your blog or mine.

Suzanne, I posted Rebecca's comment and a link to here in response to this. Yes, yes, yes to all. And, come play "What's your line?' With me and Barbara Jane.

Can't wait to see your attic. But, do watch the fumes.