Saturday, March 17, 2007


and more snow.

Today is J's birthday party, initially I was worried people would show up drunk, now I'm hoping they just show up. (I married a nice Irish boy so I can make those kind of jokes. Well, I married him because I loved him and the jokes are a fun bonus.)
We're getting a piano! My darling friend Colleena and her darling sister Beezer have arranged for this miracle.
The braces for the carpal tunnel are very irritating. I am not wearing them enough or at least I gather I'm not wearing them enough from the pain in my wrist.
I've spent the first week of spring break reading, reading, reading. (Oh, all sorts of stuff.) I plan on spending the second week doing more of the same.
Such heady intellectual banter on litwindowpane today-- as if you expected anything less.


Pamela said...

Suzanne--ouch to the wrist braces. I have sore hands sometimes, but so far I've missed that. 've worked for over 20 years as a professional medical transcriptionist/editor, which means years and years of keyboard pounding, so I have a few tips of the trade that might help you. I don't have the dreaded CTS yet, and I credit almost all of it to ergonomics. The very first thing I would recommend is finding a massage therapist and having a deep hand and forearm massage. This is bliss. Email me if you I can suggest a few tips.

Looking forward to the anthology!

jenni said...

a piano? far out! Tell J Happy Birthday for me. talk soon.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Pamela, I think a massage therapist would definitely do the trick that's a great idea.

I will Jenni, I'm really excited about the piano -- lessons for everyone.