Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's spring. I'll be in the garden.


I went a little crazy with the hyacinth and tulip pots this Easter. Although I'm enjoying the fragrance of the hyacinths throughout the house I have no idea where I'm going to squeeze these bulbs in when it's time -- or the tulips for that matter. Our neighbor once mentioned something about living in the city. Now that I think about it he's right we do live in the 'city' and my little city garden is brimming with plantings. I'll find space for the pink and white hyacinths and the red tipped-with-yellow tulips, maybe the front bed. I suppose if you're going to have a yard as big as postage stamp it may as well bloom.


Shoots everywhere: tulips, daffodils, lillies, iris, hyacinth. Yarrow creeping in and out of the mulch. New growth on all the roses. This pleases me. Before the next rain I'll scatter fertilizer in all the beds. All tidied up now. (for now) On with the show.

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