Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Aimee's lovely At the Drive-In Volcano, arrived today -- looking forward to spending some time with it this afternoon.

Two reviews down -- finished my review of Martha Collins'
Blue Front and sent it off to Diner yesterday. A very powerful poem, highly recommended.

Took the little ones to see their first parade yesterday -- the marching band was a very big hit. Who doesn't love a parade?

A lot of time is being spent at the nature center and playgrounds -- lunching, running, climbing, jumping -- after pre-K with many different little girls. Yes, Jack's all about the ladies. We're having great weather.

The iris' are either holding fast or fading fast depending on which bed they're in and the white roses are starting to bloom, so is the violet clematis along the gate in the backyard, the white yarrow and hot pink dianthus. It's amazing how fast things change in the garden. I am continually amazed.


Francisco Aragón said...

Hi: Is there any place on the web where I can read any book reviews you have written? Thanks, FA

Suzanne said...

Hi Francisco,
In July my review of Radish King will appear in the Blue Fifth Review.