Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Last Word

Sand. Sand is the last word in my book.

What's the last word in your book?


Wendy Wisner said...

"What." That's my last word. Lame compared to "sand."

I remember hearing that Sylvia Plath wanted ARIEL to begin with the word "love" and end with it. The version that was published after her death begins with "love" and ends with "life." Kind of ironic. Interesting choice, Mr. Hughes.

Radish King said...


Anonymous said...


Here are the last two lines:

"This is where the song forms, rising out of nothing,
with little more than a few ideas about itself."

Steve Mueske

early hours of sky said...


No, that is not all what I mean

which I think will leave the reader in enough confusion
to buy the second book;)

Paul said...

book 1 ends with 'wonder' and 2 ends with 'sun'


Matthew Thorburn said...

Hi Suzanne -- I just found your blog via Wendy's.

My first book ends with the word "stop." (It begins with "A.")

--Matt Thorburn

Stuart Greenhouse said...

I only have a manuscript, but its last word is "to be." Though that's two words really, it's kind of one in a way too.