Tuesday, November 09, 2004

link madness

That Paul, not only devilishly handsome, but also a very smart cookie has saved me from link madness. Thank you, Paul!

What I've been reading--although apparently reading isn't all that fashionable these days--call me a rebel:

Journals: *88, *Poet Lore, and Kenyon Review

The Blue Estuaries, Louise Bogan
A Parade of Hands, James Hoch

Short Stories : Pushkin

Old School, Tobias Wolff (sp?)
What They Carried, Tim O'Brien
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Marrying Mozart
Appointment in Samarra, John O'Hara

And many back issues of my new obsession--National Geographic.

*contributor's copies and damn, I'm impressed by the other contributors, good stuff.


Well, like almost everyone else, I'm submitting my manuscript to publishers. I started sending it out in May and it's interesting how the first four submissions went. Two were contests and two were over the transom. I did a lot of research on those contests. The over the transom subs were done on a whim--the main incentive being no reading fee. I honestly didn't expect the over transom publishers to care for the manuscript at all and I didn't place in either of the contests (thank goodness, but that's a different story) yet, here's the odd thing, the two other publishers gave me excellent feedback and one 'strongly encouraged' me to send the mss in next year. The best news is that both publishers have long, impressive track records and produce beautiful books. I plan to keep on following whims this season. A good lesson for me at this point.


DCazden said...

Good luck on the Nat Geos. I have a CD Rom of all the Nat Geos up to 1995 or so, but it is tedious to read, the physical mags are very special. The old Nat Geos were horribly ethnocentric. Last Nat Geo I read had a great article on Wind Scorpions. http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0407/feature5/

Don't go there if you don't like big, nasty spider like creatures.


Suzanne said...

ewww..a big nasty spider thingy *lol* thanks for the link, D. There's something lost, I think, in the cdrom copy...maybe it's nostalgia?