Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lily of the Valley Posted by Hello


early hours of sky said...

You know these are very poisonous, right? Which makes me want to post my poem about a thousand ways to die in a garden lol, I think you should get moon flowers but soak the seeds first. They grow into these huge white moons that open only at night and they are a vine like honey suckle but not so invasive.

gina said...

But I love them. I'd like to plant some around here. Suzanne, I do envy your garden.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for recommending the moon flowers T, they look gorgeous. And yes, I know they're poisonous, but I make sure no one eats them around here.

This is my first garden and as you may have noticed I'm really enjoying it. The garden was nothing but a big empty overgrown with weeds mess three years ago. It did have a few stubborn bulbs that insisted on living and that have really thrived with a little TLC. If you lived nearby I would divide all my plants and help you start your own. That's the great thing about gardners (and how mine ended up getting its strong start) they love to share their plants.