Thursday, May 19, 2005

Shade Garden

* Posted by Hello I don't know the name of these flowers, they were already in the garden when we bought this place. I adore them though--they close at night and open in the morning. Anyone know the name? I would love to plant more.

I was seriously thinking about growing honeysuckle in the shade garden, but I've hesitated because honeysuckle is considered a Vermicious Knid here in Connecticut. Apparently it's taken over in Washington, too. If you can believe it there's a trellis under this honeysuckle at


early hours of sky said...

they are called squill and they are a tiny spring bulb. Now my dear you own me a dollar fifty.

Paula said...

At last I know the name of this flower. Nice series of pictures you are posting, Suzanne.

Peter said...

Hi Suzanne: my first post didn't go through, I guess.
We have these in our garden, too. But I don't think they are called squill. I think they are called "Star of Bethlehem" or ornithagulam (sp?).

Suzanne said...

Aahh, thanks for the link, Peter!

T, your check's in the mail.

Paula, that's high praise coming from you, thank you! xo

early hours of sky said...

Okay I am anal about this, forgive me but they are both in the same family yet look at the width of leaves in both photos. They are different.

Peter said...

LOL . . . OK OK. I relent. (grin)