Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June Index

Weeks left until J is on summer break: 1

Peonies blooming: 1

Queen Elizabeth pink roses blooming: 2

Wild crazy roses that start hot pink and turn yellow blooming: 1

Clematis blooming: 2 (1 deep violet, several fuschia)

Subs sent summer of '05 still out: 2

Number of swim classes Jack will be taking: 2 per week

Emily's age in months: 9

Number of offspring currently taller than me: 1

This month's wedding anniversary? Number: 6

Number of men it takes to paint a fire hydrant: 2, apparently. (viewed this morning from the balcony porch, two public works men painting the fire hydrant across the street.)


michi said...

so many flowers! it's been far too cold here, but at least we've had 15 delicious radishes, and a couple of blossoms look very promising.

this month's wedding anniversary: 5 (waaah! time flies!) when is yours?

the number of men to paint a fire hydrant sounds like a joke. tsk.


marybid said...

My violet clematis has two blooms today! Hooray for these little beauties...

Suzanne said...

Oh, there are more, Michi...the lavender, yarrow and dianthus are blooming, too. Our anniversary is on the 10th. It's a Saturday this year, I should probably try to find a sitter, eh?

The clematis are gorgeous aren't they, Mary? I can't believe how huge the blooms are...I bought five new roses yesterday to plant along the new picket fence. At last my long wished for cottage garden will be realized.

michi said...

we got married on june 15th, and the church wedding was the day after. the 15th is a public holiday here, so that's nice! :)

yes you should celebrate, definitely. :))

envious of your flowers ... but i am sure mine will catch up. some of the marigold buds look ready to burst!