Sunday, June 04, 2006

Recently Acquired

An opera. The brilliant & beautiful Rebecca's, Bone Island Suite, world premier. Stunning. Enchanting. Thank you brilliant & beautiful Rebecca.

A rose quartz pendant, square and surrounded by silver filigree.


Finished Savage Beauty. (Thank you, Darling C!) Oh, Vincent you wicked, wicked girl, I adore you!

Started Zelda.

Impulsively bought: two mini-roses in containers, pretty notecards, two swimsuits, and a new dress.


Radish King said...

I'm so glad you like. I'm neither brilliant nor beautiful. In fact, I have a pumpkin sized knee and this morning I dismantled my kitchen trying to find the tiny bottle of real vanilla extract, just so I can make one more failed cake.

p.s. Can you hear me, I mean my violin, in the orchestra? I can, and my son can too. Isn't that funny? Not for me, but that he can pick me out from the crowd?

p.p.s Did you like the card?


Suzanne said...

Hee-hee-hee. I *did* get the card, you kooky girl you. And I *knew* it--I just knew that was your violin. Check your mail on Tuesday. Don't forget.